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Vizio Unveils New PCs

Vizio Unveils New PCs

Posted on 15 Jun 2012 at 8:25am

Vizio, often known for their affordable line of LCD and LED televisions, launches a new line of Mac-esque PCs starting at $899.

Based on the initial reaction of analysts, the new Vizio laptops give Appleā€™s new MacBook Pros a run for their money. Vizio originally announced their plans to enter the PC industry during the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year.

Vizio has recently expanded their portfolio of consumer electronics devices, as the company previously launched an entry-level, underpowered 8-inch tablet in 2011. During a launch event in New York, Matt McRae, Chief Technology Officer of Vizio, introduced the new line of systems that are designed with consumers in mind. McRae…