10 Tips To Increase Twitter Followers


Here are the tips which will definitely increase your Twitter followers:


  • Make use of Hash Tags

These are the keywords of your twitter posts. These are actually a great way for people to find your twitter posts and read your content. Hash tags are also used for ranking and seo purposes and a lot of webmasters use it. Read the power of the hash tags by Kelsey to get a better understanding on the topic.

  • Put social media widgets/buttons on your website

Put the “follow me” buttons on any page you like, however you may wish to consider putting them on pages that have the biggest impact. Remember, people need to be told what to do in social media. You must have a call to action button which is the “follow me” button in this case. The button makes it very easy to follow people, because all you have to do is click on it to get the ball rolling. This is very easy and handy for the potential follower. You can visit twitter’s official widget page where you can create your widgets including the follow button.

  • Promote yourself

Consider mentioning your Twitter page in all of your actions on the internet. Do not just restrict your activities to social media. Use every opportunity to promote yourself. Also remember that excessive self promotion is not a good idea and can actually be harmful. You can definitely mention about following you once or twice a day and you can cross promote handles in different social media sites. The secret to twitter followers lies in sharing great content and solving problems.

  •  Find More People

Twitter is a social media platform, so you should try to find people with similar interests. They will be more willing to follow you. Use the twitter’s search feature to discover people in your niche. Follow them and connect with them. Social media is all about networking and creating connections. You can also use tweetadder to find targeted followers and automate the whole process instead of manually doing it.

  • Interact with power Tweeters

Create a social interaction with the power Tweeters on Twitter. It will help you to increase your social reach and people who follow them may be more likely to follow you. There are lots of industry professionals and celebrities who you can follow and interact with. Use twitter’s search feature to discover them. Also check out this awesome article by Chris Brogan on power twitter tips

  • Put Twitter on your email signature

What is better is to embed a twitter follow widget/button on the email, so that people need to only click on it to get the ball rolling. You may want to consider hyper-linking to your profile so that people may have a little look at your content first. You may also want to add some sort of graphic at the bottom (for Twitter) since the signatures are often very easy to ignore. Hongkiat has a great collection of twitter graphics.


  •  Create guest posts

Guest posting is one of the most powerful ways of link building. Not to forget, you can also include your twitter handle/username in the byline of the guest post. If your content is good, you will not only get traffic to your blog but the readers of the guest blog will be more inclined to follow your social profiles. Read content marketing success to come up with some great content ideas and then go ahead create some guest posts.

  •  Use scheduling tools

You are able to schedule your twitter posts so that they appear at times when people are more likely to be reading content on twitter. Your followers might not be in the same time zone which means scheduling tweets can be really useful. Tools like hootsuite do a great job at scheduling tweets. Make sure you also check out the twitter application toolbox which has a list of more than 100 twitter widgets and plugins.

  •  Use other social media platforms

You do not need to restrict your efforts to one social media, and there is no harm in using one to advertise the other. You may not be able to put a “Follow me on Twitter” button on to all of your other social media profiles, but there is nothing stopping you from typing out your follow-address. There is nothing stopping you linking to your twitter profile.

Synchronizing your social media profiles is a very smart idea. So whenever you update your facebook status, it will automatically post it on your twitter timeline. This can be vice-versa. This not only saves you time but also makes content sharing more effective. Rob did a great job in writing about syncing your social media profiles so check it out.

  •  Be positive

Last but not the least, the social media platforms are already negative enough. People are always harassing each other and being rude. Do not be one of them. It will scare off anybody with an ounce of sense. Even if you have an objection with someone, do not be rude about it. Don’t mistake humor for violence or disrespect. There are people who tweets out humorous stuff which might not be liked by all but they are acceptable because it is probably their personality.

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