13 Year Old Hero Stops Bus after Driver Passes Out

Super hero status goes to a seventh grader who ran to the wheel of a school bus, turned it off and steered it to the right after the driver lost conscientiousness.

Jeremy Wuitschick became that hero who ironically thought of the idea to turn the keys in the ignition to off from a book he read about a super hero on a bus who had been on a walkie talkie and was told to turn it off, so that’s what Jeremy did.

It was quite an ordeal for a group of students in the Fife School District, as you could hear some language flying and one of them yell “shut up” to the others and several saying, “call 911” as the stress of the situation calls them all to action.

[youtube woL6jr5P45U]

“It was pretty scary,” Jeremy said. “It was all happening really quickly,” reported KOMO 4 News.

It is apparent when watching and listening to Jeremy that he is a sweet, respectful, well-mannered kid — not exactly the norm these days for many teens who all too often carry around some attitude, in that time in their life when hormones rage out-of-control as they fight for position in their social circles.

But the crazy part is, you can see through the windows of the bus that it isn’t all the way stopped and secured before Jeremy immediately went into action trying to save the bus driver. Jeremy admits he didn’t realize he would respond in such a way, but it is clear when watching the video, the young 13-year-old is a hero.

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