2012 Sao Paulo Carnival kicks off in Brazil – Photos

The world’s biggest party (2012 Sao Paulo Carnival) has started in Brazil, drawing millions of people to the streets for a raucous celebration of music and mayhem. Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Salvador, three of the centers of the festivities, have been blanketed by a sea of sequins, feathers and glitter.

The parade of Seven samba schools in the Sambadrome Anhembi in the north of the capital city Sao Paulo, went through the night and ended on Saturday morning on the first day of the Special Sao Paulo Carnival.

The street carnival, with its sound cars and batteries on the floor, dragging crowds. The revelers dance marches almost naked, sambas-plots and even carnivalesque versions of Beatles songs, most wearing creative costumes and moved to much beer.

Here are the Pictures.. ENJOY…



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