2013 Mercedes SL First Pictures

Going back to its roots of ‘Sport und Leicht’ the new SL features an innovative aluminum body that is considerably lighter than the old one. That helps with the economy and also makes it a more enjoyable car to drive.

That’s all good, but here we only have the pictures here and no technical specs, so let’s focus on the new SL’s design. Truth be told, we didn’t like it when we saw it for the first time and from what we are hearing from colleagues and fans, almost no body did!

2013 MERC SL

2013 Mercedes Benz SL

The car is heavily affected by the SLS, especially at the back, and those new headlights make it look like an SLK on steroids. It looks more classic and retro, but the SL is supposed to be trendy and chic as well. That said, like the new SLK the car will definitely look better in person than in any pictures. It’s also a kind of design that will grow on you quickly. But it didn’t deliver the initial excitement we were anticipating.

2013 Mercedes Sl Pictures



2013 Mercedes Sl Pictures

As for the engines, the car gets a brand-new V8 with 450 hp as the standard SL500, before two AMG variants of SL55 andAL65 arrive. As it’s the case with the new Mercedes models, it’ll probably be offered with four-cylinder diesels as well.


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