A Glass of Wine a Day Helps Fight Breast Cancer

A Glass of Wine a Day Helps Fight Breast Cancer

A Glass of Wine a Day Helps Fight Breast Cancer

A medium-sized glass of wine a day reduces the risk of dying from breast cancer, according to research from Cambridge University. The research looked at women already diagnosed with breast cancer. Women who drank wine regularly reduced their chance of dying within ten years by a fifth.

Speaking to The Times, Dr. Paul Pharoah, who is part of the Cambridge University’s Department of Public Health and Primary Care, said, “What our study says is that it is reasonable, if you are diagnosed with breast cancer, to enjoy the occasional drink of alcohol. You shouldn’t feel that you should deny yourself the enjoyment of moderate alcohol.”

The results of the research were revealed by Dr. Pharoah at National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Cancer Conference in Liverpool. The research, which looked at 13,525 women who had been treated for breast cancer, was a joint effort between Cambridge University and the South Egypt Cancer Institute.

Wine, particularly red wine, has been said to be efficacious in helping stop the spread of cancer, and to stave off heart disease and other illnesses over the years. This study seems to prove that it can be helpful in helping to reduce deaths from breast cancer. The research did not delve into the effects of more heavy drinking on the progression of breast cancer and death rates.

The study found that wine was of more benefit to women diagnosed with more aggressive types of breast cancer, such as oestrogen-receptor negative breast cancers. This said they found that drinking wine had a positive benefit effect to survival rates for woimen diagnosed with all types of breast cancer.

The research also looked at obesity and death rates in breast cancer patients. They found that being overweight increased the rate of deaths and so warned women choosing to drink to watch their weight, too.