Accident of Italian Cruise Ship – 8 dead

 Accident of Italian Cruise Ship – 8 dead

A cruise ship in Italy which was on trip around the Mediterranean lost eight people as early on Saturday after it hit a reef near the Isola del Giglio late Friday. The cruise ship carrying 3,200 passengers and 1,000 crew members and the coast guard forced them to evacuate when the accident happened.

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According to the passengers they heard a boom and they just informed that due to electrical problem occurred before they are advised to put on their life jackets. Some passengers are jumping into the sea in their hurry to get oof the sinking ship. They describe that the accident was like a scene in a movie Titanic.

 Accident of Italian Cruise Ship – 8 dead

Passengers are now accommmodated in the hotels, schools,nurseries especially that some passengers are pregnant and have children. The last victim was a 70 year old man who died from a heart attack after shock when jumped to icy waters.

The Costa Crociera company who owns the cruise ship wasn’t give accurare details for the cause of accident. The ship is bound to Civitavecchia,Palermo, Cagliari, Palma, Barcleona and Marseille as part of Mediterranian trip.

 Accident of Italian Cruise Ship – 8 dead

Most passengers on board are Italians followed by Germans and French in 58 suits with balconies,five restaurants,13 bars,5 jacuzzis and 4 swimming pools.

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