American Express promotes trip on ill-fated Costa Concordia for $749

How could any one bungle up so badly? Of all the travel agencies, a prestigious one like the American Express goofed up big time when it recently dispatched a mailer promoting a seven-night cruise covering Italy, France, and Spain for an alluring price of just $749.

And guess which oceanic cruise liner was the American Express referring to? It is none other than the doomed Costa Concordia which is presently precariously half submerged off the coast of Italy.

Costa Concordia Goofed Up

It was on Friday, Jan 13, 2012 that the massive luxury liner Costa Concordia carrying 4200 plus passengers on board hit the reefs running aground near Giglio Island in Italy.

To be factual it isn’t the doomed Costa Concordia whose image is shown on the front of the brochure. It is actually its sister ship the Costa Fascinosa. But, inside the brochure a potential cruiser is enticed to book a seven-night western Mediterranean cruise on the Costa Concordia between Feb. 25 and Oct. 29. Prices begin from $749 with a passenger being eligible to enjoy a $50 onboard credit.

The promotional brochures were dispatched to specific card holders in Florida. Later, it came up on a Washington Post blog, reports the New York Daily News. The promotional mailer entices cardholders to ‘immerse your-self in a truly European experience.’ There is another tantalizing line in the brochure: “When you choose Costa Cruises you don’t just see Europe – you live it.”

American Express promotes trip on ill-fated Costa Concordia for $749
American Express promotes trip on ill-fated Costa Concordia for $749

Costa Concordia vacation promotion at this link: Immerse Yourself In A Truly European Experience

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