Another Google Doodle Highlights Olympics Hoop Dreams


After yesterday’s hurdles challenge, the Web giant is tapping our hoop dreams with another interactive doodle that allows users to take the rock to the hole for Olympic gold. Using the space bar (or even the left-click button), would-be Dream Teamers try to shoot as many free throws as possible in 24 seconds.

Oddly, while the hurdles doodle demanded users to use two hands, the basketball doodle requires only two clicks with one hand to shoot a basket. But the trick is that the time between those two clicks determines the distance of the shot — the longer time between clicks, the farther the ball will travel. That comes in handy has the free-throw line gradually moves away from the basket.

Performances are judged from one to three stars and can be shared on Google+. As with tradition dating back to the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Google highlights a different event each day of the Games. In addition to the hurdles, sports already featured this year are archery, diving, fencing, rings, field hockey, table tennis, shot put, pole vault, synchronized swimming, and javelin.

However, unlike other doodles, this one doesn’t appear to link to information about the event because it also uses the left-click button to operate the virtual athlete. For those you too busy working on your free throw to type in the associated search terms, the first of the men’s basketball quarterfinals games begins at 6 a.m. PT Wednesday.

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