Apple’s iPhone 5th BirthDay – Still Sexy After All These Years

Apple’s iPhone, which celebrates its fifth birthday today, transformed an industry. Mobile displays doubled in size, buttons melted into virtual keyboards and we all started using gestures.

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iPhone by itself would never have amounted to much without the App Store, which arrived a solid nine months after the introduction of the first iPhone. When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 3G (a device that looked at lot like the iPhone, but improved the performance and data speeds).

“The best thing about the new iPhone 3G is, without a doubt, the App Store. This collection of applications, utilities, and games — presented to users by thousands of developers — takes the iPhone to a level of utility never before seen on a smartphone.”

Without the App Store’s the iPhone was just another smart phone. Actually, it wasn’t even that since, as an actual phone, it was not a league leader. AT&T’s poor cellular coverage was legendary back in 2007 and none of us could believe Apple chose them over Verizon and, even, Sprint.

With the App Store, the iPhone (and to a certain extent the iPod touch) could be and do almost anything—or at least anything the hardware and its feature-set would allow. The iPhone became the ultimate fungible device.

 “The addition of business-class tools, such as synchronized e-mail and contacts, and the promise of a whole new world of other apps will transform this product from a really smart phone to a pocket-size PC,”

The iPhone not only changed consumer and business lives, it helped kick start an industry war that rages on today. Just a little more than a year after the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, Google launched the Android-sporting G1 smartphone from T-Mobile.

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