Ban on open display of tobacco products in England

BBC has reported on 6th April 2012 that England has decided to ban open display of tobacco products and reduce visibility in shops or supermarkets within an area greater than 280 sq meters (3014 sq feet).

The suggestion is to keep them below the counters and away from inquisitive eyes of youngsters – because the very sight of the packets could tend to influence young minds.

In order to ensure that people try to leave the bad habit of smoking which is known to lead to cancer, there are innumerable restrictions imposed on marketing such products.

There are bans on ads in movie halls, ban on hoardings at important crossings, and there are the mandatory warning messages which have to be printed on the packets – ‘cigarette smoking is injurious to health’.

Some even go to the extent of depicting the ‘skull-and-cross-bone’ logo on the packets to highlight the grave dangers associated with smoking.

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