Best iPhone Accessories from Macworld 2013

Best iPhone Accessories from Macworld 2013

Best iPhone Accessories from Macworld 2013

Trade shows in the tech biz are always full of gadget booths featuring your typical, same old ear buds and jeweled phone cases. This post is not about them. This post is about the good ones — the most inventive, off-the-wall, gotta-have iPhone accessories that stood out from the crowd at the Macworld/iWorld 2013 expo.

And one of them actually was ear buds. The folks at iHangy have developed zipper ear bud versions of their iHangy Music Necklace, the cords of which zip up to end your headphone cord tangling fiascos forever. They were available at Macworld/iWorld and are coming to retail stores and online gadget purveyors soon.

Also coming soon–the mind-blowing little Mauz from the invention labs at Spicebox. While the Mauz claims to be a “turn your iPhone into a computer mouse” gadget, it actually may make the mouse as we know it extinct. Plugging into your iPhone’s adaptor, the Mauz can be controlled like a mouse–or you can operate the mouse with Wii Kinect-style “gesture control.”

Imagine scrolling down this web page by just bending your finger in the air. The Mauz will be able to do that. “Once you connect it into your phone, it transforms into a computer mouse, a Wii controller and –soon to come–a Kinect,” said Spicebox CEO Gilad Meiri.

The Mauz is still a prototype, meaning it is not yet commercially available. The Spiceboxers expect to have the revolutionary little Mauz available within a couple months. Even so, the Mauz was such a big hit at Macworld/iWorld 2013 that it took home one of the prestigious Macworld Best of Show awards. That’s two in a row for Spicebox, who also won last year with the booze-friendly Intoxicase.