Chris Brown and Rihanna Really Teaming Up for “Birthday Cake” Remix?

Chris Brown and Rihanna may be back to making music together.

Three years ago, that seemed unfathomable, but now…well, after months of suspected covert subtweeting, increasingly breathless reports of late-night hangouts and confidentiality agreement-enforced partying, the rumor mill has gone into overdrive claiming just that, with reports flying that her assaulting ex will be the promised shocking collaborator on a soon-to-be released remix of “Birthday Cake.”

“They can say whatever, Ima do whatever…No pain is forever,” Rihanna cryptically tweeted this morning. “YUP! YOU KNOW THIS.”

The latest indication of a recoupling (music, anyway) is a widely circulated report from Miss Info, which claims to have confirmation that Brown is indeed the mystery performer, and reportedly recorded both a singing and rap verse for the track.

Rumors flew that Chris not only attended Rihanna’s early birthday celebration last weekend, but went so far as to demand all other partygoers sign a nondisclosure form to prevent word from leaking out that he was in attendance (some good that did).

He was also forced to deny a report earlier this week that he attempted to pick up a girl by using the line, “I promise I won’t beat you.”

[youtube leK4eoqwmfU]

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