Danny Boyle Plans DVD of Opening Ceremony of Olympics 2012

Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle

LONDON – Filmmaker Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) is working on a feature-length version of his London 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony that will come out on DVD.

The DVD will also try to shed light on some of the open questions surrounding the event, which drew a peak audience of 26.9 million viewers for the BBC, the Guardian reported.

Boyle told the paper that he “hopes to make things clearer” on the DVD, giving people time to spot additional cultural references in the opening ceremony that people may have missed on TV.

It wasn’t immediately clear when Boyle would finish the DVD and when it would be available for sale.

Among other things, the DVD is also expected to include further video clips from a montage Boyle used, but had to cut short. “It will make more sense in this version,” the director vowed.

The long procession of the Olympic athletes during the opening ceremony will be accelerated on the DVD, according to the Guardian.


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