Duchess Kate Thinks Having a Dresser is ‘Pointless and Extravagant’

Duchess Kate Thinks Having a Dresser is ‘Pointless and Extravagant’

No matter what her detractors may say about the Duchess of Cambridge splurging on clothes and accessories, the fact remains Catherine does all in her power to not unnecessary misuse her royal position and spend on personal grooming lavishly.

So much so that even having her own dresser is considered superfluous and ‘extravagant’ by the down-to-earth Duchess Kate.  The pragmatic 30-year-old royal, who is married to the Duke of Cambridge Prince William, does not think she requires someone at hand to help her to get dressed.  The reason is not very far to seek as the ever elegant tall brunette knows exactly what suits her perfectly. ‘Catherine has an innate sense of style and, almost as importantly, knows what is appropriate for the occasion,’ opines a source.

Apparently Duchess Kate is not finicky in her choice of designers; however, notwithstanding that fact she knows how to dress nattily. ‘She might not choose the most cutting edge designers, but she know what looks good on her and that’s what counts,’ says the same source.

The source then goes on to reveal that Duchess Kate is intensely aware of the fact that she is not as yet a ‘full-time working royal.’ And ‘feels it is .pretty pointless, as well as extravagant, to have her own dresser,’ adds the source. Duchess Catherine, the former Kate Middleton daughter of self-made millionaires Michael and Carole Middleton, was recently lauded by no less than late Princess Diana’s wedding gown designer for her prudent attitude.

Photographs are splashed all over the media showing the Duchess wearing either recycled dresses or in clothes picked from Britain’s high street. An admiring Elizabeth Emanuel had said it is terrific that Duchess Catherine’s dresses are easily accessible to even the women on the street.

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