Ecuador Says America is Viewed as a Bully

Ecuador Says America is Viewed as a Bully

Ecuador Says America is Viewed as a Bully

America has a long history of sticking its nose into the business of other countries. This trend began when our ancestors took over North America from the Indian tribes that owned the land. In our efforts to colonize we killed innocent people that were only trying to protect what was theirs. We passed out blankets infected with smallpox, we offered very little in return for their lands, and basically stole what rightfully belonged to someone else. We took advantage of the people that lived here before us.

We then went to Africa, and assuming it was our right, bought human beings. Then we beat, murdered, and raped them to force them to work for us. We barely gave them enough food or sleep, and we degraded them, treated them as sub-human. Once we conquered that, we began fighting wars that we really had no business getting involved in. We wanted everyone around the world to hold our beliefs of democracy, religion and our version of freedom. Then we get offended when these people turn on us and begin attacking us.

Today, we are threatening various countries if they refuse to give up a person that we consider a criminal. We have told Ecuador that we will not allow them to trade goods if they offer Edward Snowden refuge. Ecuador is not responding kindly to threats from the US. Officials in Ecuador have stated they “unilaterally and irrevocably renounce the preferential tariffs.”

How do other countries view the United States of America? Germany says it accepts that America is stronger but it will not allow the US to make decisions on its behalf. South Africa has stated that America is seen as a greedy-bully that wants to control everyone. Japan likes America but sees the US as self-centered. Even France, an American ally, said that America is far too concerned with itself and that takes precedence even over American allies. Russia believes that the United States is striving to be the single leader of the entire world.

I recently read a blog written by a man born and raised in the US. He moved out of America and gained citizenship in another country. In his blog “America: The Grim Truth,” he speaks of the health system in America and talks about how the American government bullies its citizens with an overload of debt and work. He states that life in America is designed to make Americans ill. He speaks on freedom and concludes that America is not really free. His reasoning behind this statement is that we are closely monitored, forced to pay outrageous taxes, and we have the constant worry of homelessness due to huge debts and little pay.

I know many Americans that feel the same way. I have spoken with many Americans that say they love their country but they dislike or even hate their government. As for me, I do see the United States as a big school-house bully. We want everything; if we cannot buy it then we take it. I do see that Americans are not truly free and I wonder what it is that our brothers-at-arms are fighting for. How can Americans be truly free when we are suppressed? As Americans we feel entitled to shove our beliefs and values down the throats of everyone around us, be them other countries or just the neighbor next door.