Egyptian Soccer Pitch Invasion

90 are dead and 1000 people are injured after a football pitch invasion took place. Majority of the people died from suffocation and head wounds while some from the stab wounds. The death toll is 93 at the time according to the doctors which is increasing.

The tragic incident occurred in the city of Port in Egypt where the match between the two teams playing at the time. One was Al Ahli, one of Egypt’s most successful clubs while the other one was Al Masry which is based in Port.Al-Masry, secured a rare 3-1 victory against Al Ahli.

Trouble started as fans started swarming over the pitch seconds after the final whistle of the match.

One of the player described the scene as follows:

“This is not football. This is a war and people are dying in front of us. There is no movement and no security and no ambulances,”

“I call for the premier league to be cancelled. This is horrible situation and today can never be forgotten.”

Later the Egyptian army was being airlifted in by helicopter to rescue stranded players who became trapped in the changing rooms.

Egyptian Soccer Pitch Invasion

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