Egypt’s President-elect Mohamed Morsi Address Tahrir Square Crowd

Addressing hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in Tahrir square on Friday, Egypt’s President-elect Mohamed Morsi pledged everything in his power to enhance the role of the people in political decision-making.

Egypt’s President-elect Mohamed Morsi
Egypt’s President-elect Mohamed Morsi

Morsi promised a civil, constitutional state, a modern state and independence from any foreign influence. This was a message intended to reassure those who fear an Islamic power, especially the Christian minority.

Morsi is set to take an official oath Saturday before the High Constitutional Court. He told the crowd;

“I am one of you, I am only afraid of God, You have elected me and those who opposed me, I am with you. I will not differentiate between supporters and opponents, i promise…”

“I swear by Almighty God to uphold the Republican system with loyalty, to respect the constitution and the law, and to look after the interests of the people fully and to safeguard the independence of territorial integrity of the motherland.”

“You are the source of power and legitimacy, which is above everyone. There is no room for one person, institution to be above this desire”.

He pledged to free Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman who is imprisoned in the United States, and those who are detained under military rules.

Morsi’s spokesman, Yasser Ali, said the president-elect wants to stand with the thousands who have camped in the square for over a week to express concern about the power grabs.

Earlier, thousands of protesters have crowded Cairo’s Tahrir square protesting against the Egyptian Supreme Court decison that dissolved the parliament and added amendments to the country’s temporary constitution, making the new president almost powerless through a recent constitutional declaration. Similar protests also were held in Alexandria, and other cities.

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