Fertility Clinic Founder Bertold Wiesner ‘fathered 600 kids’

Bertold Weisner, a British scientist, had been responsible for the birth of at least 600 children in the period early 1940 to the mid 1960s as reported in Zeenews of 8th of April 2012.

At least two persons have been identified whose biological father is Bertold Weisner. Clinical tests have confirmed this fact. One of them is a London-based barrister David Gollancz and the other is Barry Stevens, a documentary film maker of CanadaCanada.

These two have subsequently got together and have been able to make the startling discovery that at least 18 persons had been conceived in a fertility clinic – and Weisner was the biological father of 12 out of these 18.

This would mean that there are another 12 persons in the world whose biological father is the British scientist Bertold Weisner.

Apparently, Weisner was one of the primary donors for the Barton Clinic in London – this fertility clinic assisted women to conceive. Unofficial reports indicate that during the period 1940 to 1960, as many 1500 such babies had been conceived at the clinic.

Weisner died in 1972 and, on a rough estimate, must have fathered at least 600 children like David Gollancz and Barry Stevens.

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