Following an early leak more official pictures of the new Porsche Cayman find their way to the web before the car makes its official debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. This time we also get to see the rear-end. And no, nothing has changed here either. It’s a Boxster in a hat.

Now that we’ve seen the car in more details, we have to say it is not even as pretty as the car on which it’s based. The Boxster seems much nicer somehow, maybe because it was designed to be a open-top car from the ground up. Putting a metal roof on it to make the Cayman has ruined its proportions.

Official details of the car are yet to be released, but rumor has it both Cayman models have 10 more horsepower over their Boxster equivalent. That means the normal Cayman gets around 270 PS and the Cayman S 325 PS.

First Official Pictures Of 2013 Porsche Cayman