How To Get More Facebook Subscribers


Do you want Followers/ Subscribers? Here is the way to get Facebook Subscribers. just follow the easy steps.

1) Add a vanity URL to your profile. Add this vanity URL to your websites, at the end of your articles, so that people are able to subscribe to you on Facebook.

2) Update your work information on your profile to add context for potential subscribers. Make sure your work information is set to public so that potential subscribers can see it. Your current title will show up in the recommendations widget, which recommends people to subscribe to based on social context.

3) Adjust your privacy settings to make your profile findable by potential subscribers. This will make sure you show up in Facebook Search. However, you should also adjust your privacy settings for who can send you friend requests. By switching the setting to “Friend of Friend,” only people who have mutual friends with you will be able to see the Add Friend button when they come to your profile.

4) Make sure you are findable off Facebook to potential subscribers by adjusting your Apps, Games and Websites sites in your Privacy Settings. Enable public search to make yourself findable off Facebook by search engines.

5) Facebook pages are open to ‘Public’ now. i.e. anyone can comment without liking the page. Interact with people, help them on your interest/profession related pages. This will attract more visitors and more subscriptions eventually.

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