Gina Rinehart – The Richest Woman of World

Gina Rinehart – The Richest Woman of World

 Can you wrap your head around that headline? The world’s richest woman, Australian Gina Rinehart reportedly earns $2 million every hour. Mind-boggling, isn’t it but for the 58-year-old mining tycoon, staggering amounts of money has always been a part of her life.

The heiress who inherited some of her wealth from her father Lang Hancock, now sits atop his company that she has expanded into a multi-billion dollar mining corporation, which churns out minerals like iron and ore.

According to Sky News, Rinehart could have become a socialite, living on her inherited riches without working a day for the rest of her life but she chose to get involved with the company. Her shrewd business dealings have reportedly grown the business beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Worth approximately $150 million in 1992 when she inherited it, the company is currently valued at 25 billion Australian dollars.(around 30 billion in U.S. currency).

Rinehart’s keen business acumen has catapulted her to the top of an industry that is male dominated and wrestled the title of richest woman from Walmart heiress Christy Walton. If her company keeps growing at the current rate, business experts predict that she may become the richest person in the world. That title is now held by Mexico’s telecommunication mogul Carlos Slim Helu, who is worth an estimated $69 billlion. (U.S.)

But where there is enormous sums of money, trouble sometimes follow and Rinehart is reported to have a bit of her own. 3 of her 4 children are in a power struggle with their mother, battling her in court for control of the multi-billion dollar trust. Daughters Bianca Rinehart, Hope Welker and son John Hancock have filed a lawsuit last September but one of the children is sticking with their mother.

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World's richest woman Gina Rinehart earns $2 million every hour

World’s Richest Woman Gina Rinehart Earns $2 Million Every Hour

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