Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Banned in India

India won’t be seeing a release of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Although the country had announced a Feb. 10 premiere date, turns out the U.S. remake of the Swedish flick starring Daniel Craig and Oscar nominee Rooney Mara won’t be allowed to play there. The reason? The film’s director, David Fincher, refused to cut scenes demanded by India’s Central Board of Film Certification.

Sony Pictures India said in a statement,: “Sony Pictures will not be releasing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in India. The Censor Board has adjudged the film unsuitable for public viewing in its unaltered form and, while we are committed to maintaining and protecting the vision of the director, we will, as always, respect the guidelines set by the Board.”

The offending bits were reportedly two lovemaking scenes between Mara’s character, Lisbeth Salander, and Craig’s Mikael Blomkvist, a lesbian scene featuring Lisbeth and a woman she meets at a bar, a scene where Lisbeth is raped and tortured, as well as a follow-up scene where she tortures her tormentor as a video of her being assaulted plays in the background.

Sounds like some key scenes in the movie to us. We definitely understand why Fincher wouldn’t make those cuts.

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