Gund Nyan Cat 6 inch Plush with Sound

Now here is a meme that has been brought into existence in our corporeal world instead of being just another animated GIF that has caught the attention of millions worldwide – the Nyan Cat. Of course, you will be able to touch, hold and cuddle one of the more notable memes in recent years, coming in the form of the $ 11.99 Gund Nyan Cat 6 inch Plush with Sound. It will get right to work by playing the all-too-familiar Nyan Cat theme whenever you give it a nice squeeze, and you can opt for the original or 8-Bit Heart flavors, depending on which design appeals to yo more.

I am guessing that playing with the Gund Nyan Cat 6 inch Plush with Sound will automatically be able to elicit smiles from those around you, as I have yet to meet someone who does not find the Nyan Cat cute. Of course, the theme that accompanies it is another matter altogether, but who can resist a kitty that leaves a trail of rainbow behind? There is just something magical about the Nyan Cat, and having it in the car you’re driving in could be useful to melt the heart of an officer who pulled you over for speeding in a 20mph zone.

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