Hannah Anderson is Safe And Kidnapper has been Killed

Hannah Anderson is Safe And Kidnapper has been Killed

Kidnapped teen Hannah Anderson is alive and safe, and her alleged abductor has been killed. Amber Alert suspect James DiMaggio was shot and killed Saturday evening in rural Idaho by an FBI tactical agent. CNN shared the available details.

Hannah and DiMaggio had been missing since last weekend. Sunday, Aug. 4, DiMaggio’s house was found burning and the remains of Hannah’s mother, Christina Anderson, and brother, Ethan Anderson, were found inside. DiMaggio had been a family friend since Hannah was a baby, and Hannah’s father was stunned by the tragic incident.

Friday, Aug. 9, DiMaggio’s car was found in rural Idaho, and some 250 law enforcement personnel swarmed the area looking for the pair. Saturday, around 5 p.m. in Idaho near Morehead Lake, DiMaggio was shot and killed. Anderson was found nearby. San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore said, “She appears well and was rescued and will be transported to a hospital in Idaho.”

A friend of Hannah’s shared with CNN that a few months ago DiMaggio had told Hannah he had a crush on her. Though Hannah was said to be uncomfortable with the inappropriate attention, she apparently hadn’t told her mother so as to avoid damaging the relationship. The friend did not believe Hannah would have gone anywhere with DiMaggio willingly, and had in fact avoided him since he had shared his feelings.

This case captured attention across the country and Amber Alerts were sent out in multiple states. For several days many worried that this would have a tragic ending for Hannah, and authorities worried DiMaggio could be anywhere. Luckily, though the Anderson family has clearly been dealt grave tragedy with the losses of Christina and Ethan, and who-knows-what kind of treatment of Hannah, she is safe and will soon be reunited with her father.

Though many would have liked to see DiMaggio served with many years in prison for what he allegedly did, his death at least ensures he will never hurt anyone else’s family again. Everybody’s hearts and well wishes go out to Hannah Anderson, her father and their family and friends as they reunite and move forward after this terrifying experience allegedly at the hands of James DiMaggio.

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