Home Entertainment Happy 30th Birthday, Kate Middleton!

Happy 30th Birthday, Kate Middleton!

Happy 30th Birthday, Kate Middleton!

Today, Kate Middleton newlywed says goodbye to her 20s and enters what can only be described as a highly-anticipated third decade.

After attending a gala film premiere in a full-length lacy evening gown, Kate Middleton stepped out of the public gaze to celebrate her milestone 30th birthday in private.

Kate Middleton

A rep for the royal isn’t releasing details of the soiree, “I’m afraid all we are saying regarding the duchess’ 30th birthday is that she will spend it privately with the duke.”

Whispers of Wills’ birthday gift for his missus have also been a hot topic of conversation, with a specially commissioned oil painting of his wife among the items reportedly atop his shopping list. However, British media is also reporting that regardless of Kate’s party plans, she’s asked well-wishers to forego buying her gifts and instead donate to charity.

Happy birthday, Kate!