Jenelle Evans Talks About Recent Arrests

Jenelle Evans has found herself landing in legal trouble, and getting arrested twice within one week doesn’t exactly help break her bad girl image.

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle’s first arrest involved allegedly making “harassing phone calls” and “communicating threats” to Inman.

The second arrest was  because Evans refused to take down a naked picture of Hannah on her Facebook page.

“I didn’t post any naked picture of Hannah. I have four admins on my Facebook fanpage. One of them must of posted it. I didn’t even know it was posted. After I got arrested, I searched for it and deleted it,” Jenelle said. “I really don’t understand why any of these charges are taken out against me. Duffy is using Hannah to his advantage, I believe. He is forcing her to do this. It’s a known fact, or else she will be on the streets.”

“Now I have to go back to the psychiatrist because I feel like I’m about to have a nervous breakdown. It’s constant harassment against me, having me arrested for pity things. That’s why my probation officer hasn’t violated me for probation. She knows it’s not my fault.”

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