Jennifer Lopez Struggle After Divorce

Jennifer Lopez Struggle After Divorce

Jennifer Lopez Struggle After Divorce

Jennifer Lopez, whose relationship with ex-husband Marc Anthony ended two years ago, has revealed that she is still trying hard to get over the collapse of her marriage. According to the Daily Mail, the singer shared her misery with host Katie Couric on the “Katie” show on Friday and said that she could not even get out of bed after her divorce.

Although Lopez is currently dating her back-up dancer, Casper Smart, 25, she admitted to Katie that she still finds it hard to explain the divorce to her twins, Max and Emmie. She said that she came up with a song to convey her message to the kids in a simple manner. She disclosed, “I actually wrote a song about it and just recorded it funnily enough, because I wanted to explain to them without out explaining it to them. It is a beautiful song.”

Lopez told the host that she was still uncomfortable with the subject of her broken relationship and was unable to fully get over it. She said: “But there is something inside of me that was struggling with that part of things.” Lopez was asked in the interview how she explained the split to her kids, in response to which the singer said, “I feel like God gives me the words every time because every time they do it I get a rush of panic through my body and I’m like ‘Oh my God, what do I say?’”

She went on to say, “Again it’s learning process, like with Marc, and I said maybe we should do somethings together.”

Lopez was on the show to promote her new movie, “Parker,” in which she plays the character of a newly divorced woman. She said in the interview that playing the role of a divorcee while she herself was going through divorce in real life was an intense experience. She said, “It was kind of perfect to be honest, because I was very in touch with all the emotions.”

Speaking of her character in the movie, she added, “I play a character who is really literally at the worse point of her life. She’s divorced, she’s pushing forty and her work isn’t doing well and she is living with her mum.” The 43-year-old singer said that she could emotionally relate to her character in the film. She said, “At that moment when I was doing the movie, I felt the same way.”

She said that it was liberating to use her emotions in the movie, as she could not reveal her true feelings in front of her kids and at work. “As when you have kids and you have to get up every day and it’s hard to get up when you feel that bad and you have to hide it all day at work and hide in front of the kids, so to be able to use it in the scenes and really look how I felt was great,” said Lopez.