Jets Assailed on Syrian Rebels Before The Reach of US Aid

 Syrian government hits directly to rebel forces just after a couple of days when US announced officially to facilitate and armed Syrian rebels with latest weapons. US took the decision to support rebels after it determined that Syrian Govt. is using chemical weapons on civilians and rebel armed forces. Western countries are reluctant to support Syrian rebels. Western’s with the point of view that weapons could reach in the hands of Islamists rebels, who could be harmful in the future by supporting Al-Qaida.

Salim Idrees commander of Assad’s troops told in an interview that rebels are retreating by the government and they need immediately Anti Aircraft Guns with missiles and anti tank missiles. He further said that we will not allow US to support rebels and we won’t let them to destabilize our country. On the other hand, a confirm source report unofficially that US made a confirm deal with rebel forces to armed them with automatic weapons, grenades, rockets and mortars. So far, rebels are helpless and awaiting to get US military support.

Bashar Al-Assad’s forces may be given a free hand to tackle situation, as they are treating rebels as well as civilians in such manners which are non-human, manners which does not belongs to humanity. UN should take its part as Asad’s forces are crushing civilians including children, women and old persons. According to United Nations recent update facts and figures more than 93,000 people have lost their lives during current civil war in Syria. This figure continues averaging 5000 deaths in a month so far.