Kate Middleton’s Miscarriage – Globe magazine

Globe magazine is claiming that Kate Middleton was actually pregnant, but lost her first child with Prince William through a miscarriage. Kate Middleton and Prince William tied the marital knot in April of last year.

Kate Middleton

The latest issue of the Globe magazine, on its cover page shows a solemn faced William and Kate looking downcast, after supposedly discussing the distressing news (provided it is true).

The cover contains the blazing headline: Kate loses baby! With the subtitle: ‘Her crushing heart-break as William leaves for military duty.’ According to Globe, the young royal couple learned this devastating news just as Prince William was leaving for his six- week tour of duty as RAF pilot to the Falklands.

 “Prince William and his bride Kate are devastated after learning she lost the baby they desperately wanted. Read the details about the heartbreaking miscarriage, how Kate broke the shattering news to William and what palace insiders are saying caused the tragedy – only in the new GLOBE.”

Don’t believe this shocking claim, then go on to read the gist of what the Globe says in its article: Globe:


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