Katie Couric to Guest-host ‘Good Morning America’

Katie Couric to Guest-host 'Good Morning America'

Katie Couric to Guest-host 'Good Morning America'

Katie Couric, renowned American journalist and author, is going to guest-host “Good Morning America”. Couric primarily serves as special correspondent for ABC News and actively contributes to “ABC World News”, “Nightline”, “20/20”, “Good Morning America”, “This Week” and primetime news specials.

ABC revealed the exciting news about Katie taking over as a guest host on “Good Morning America” on Thursday. Katie Couric is actually substituting for Robin Roberts, who is currently on a holiday for a week. She will appear on the show with George Stephanopoulos.

Prior to this, Katie has been a popular host for “Today”, a show that has received good ratings ever since it started in 1995. According to Neilson, “Today’s” ratings have been on top every week since it started airing and this number totals up to 850.

Katie Couric to Guest-host 'Good Morning America'

 “Good Morning America” is pacing towards this milestone. Although it seemed quite daunting initially, it has come closer and last week the ABC show was only 137,000 viewers behind “Today”. This was the closest the two shows have been since 2008. According to Tom Cibrowski, senior executive producer in charge of “Good Morning America”, “This has been one of the longest marathons of all time.” He further said, “There will eventually be a time when the No. 1 spot turns over. We strive every day to take over the No. 1 position. We never stop working on that.”

The reason why there is so much hype about her guest appearance on the show is that she has been associated with a leading network for almost 15 years. The golden era of “Today” and NBC might help boost rating for “Good Morning America” as well.

The closest “GMA” came to “Today” was in the spring of 2005. This was when NBC fired the “Today” show executive producer and Jim Bell took the responsibility of managing the show. Tom Cibrowski is pretty confident that Katie’s inclusion in the team will be extremely beneficial for the show. He said, “You kind of wait for these times in morning television, when you get a team together that clicks.” He further said, “We have a team that is on fire. We have the big `C.’ We have the chemistry now.”