Kim Kardashian Gets Punk’d

Kim Kardashian juggled everything from getting Punk’d by the original MTV prankster Ashton Kutcher pre-MTV Movie Awards, to guest starring on the season four premiere of Drop Dead Diva, to offering her services in Las Vegas by hosting the Hard Rock Hotel’s Rehab pool party!

Kim got a taste of prank when Ashton and sister Kourtney Kardashian‘s baby daddy Scott Disick joined forces in punking the curvy star in a gas station. Scott helped set Kim up for the scare by using a superfan who supposedly snatched his wallet. Disick then proceeded to drive off after the guy while still attached to the pump, causing a serious explosion.

Kim‘s gut reaction? “OK, something weird is really going on.” When cops showed up to cuff Disick, she declared, “I am literally shaking”—and then Kutcher arrived to reveal the gag. The joke, taped weeks ago, aired Sunday right before the Movie Awards.

Kim took a break from appearing on the small screen and wrapped up her busy day in Sin City, hosting a pool party at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel’s Rehab.

[youtube FYgi6M-PKUQ]

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