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Leaked Drawing of The New Kia Forte

Leaked Drawing of The New Kia Forte

The New Kia Forte

These drawings, appeared on Korean car blog, are believed to be the official renderings of the new generation Kia Forte/Cerato.

The details seem to be spot on for a Forte replacement, as it has roughly the same profile and overall shape, but with new head and taillights, Kia’s signature grille, and on the whole a more curvy design on the line with other recent Kia models.

The current Forte, known as K3 in Korea and Cerato in some parts of the world, was a true game-changer for Kia. Especially its coupe version, the Koup, introduced the brand to a new segment with great success. Kia owes that to the talent and skills of former Audi designer Peter Schreyer. If these renderings are the actual Forte, we can’t wait to see the real thing. It’ll certainly look better in the flesh.