On 20th October, Facebook had some major changes but still there are no official details about what changes they have actually they have made.


But the major change which can be noticed by Facebook Page Admin is the loss of reach for the links shared by pages.

We use to have above 300 people online in less then a minute after we share link on FACEBOOK PAGE , But since 20th there is almost no traffic from the page to website.

Where as the reach and engagement for Pictures and Videos on Facebook page is almost same as it was before 20th. Pictures and videos are still getting 1000+ likes and comments in less than an hour.

We are still searching and trying to get intouch with someone who could explain the issues…

But So far from the past facebook changes record, IF they have changed something for the Link reach for the Pages it wont be rerverted back. It just means that facebook does not wants the users to leave the facebook and wants the Page Admins to PAY FACEBOOK to get traffic to their sites…

If you have something to add to this, Please leave us a comment. Thank you