Megaupload Case Delayed

Kim Dotcom poses with Steve Wozniak

A New Zealand judge has postponed the decision on whether Megaupload employees should be extradited to the US on copyright and fraud charges has been delayed until 2013.

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Mr Dotcom the creator of file sharing site megaupload has been accused of copyright theft, money laundering and racketeering fraud and faces a jail sentence of up to 20 years if convicted in the US.Prosecutors allege that pirated movies and other content shared through his site cost copyright holders more than $ 500m (£322m) in lost earnings, making it one of the biggest cases of its kind.

Mr Dotcom’s lawyers deny the charges saying the site simply offered an online storage service and that the majority of its traffic was “legitimate“.

Mr Dotcom is currently under house arrest at his Auckland home. He has been tweeting his thoughts since a ban preventing him using the internet was lifted in April.

“Dirty delay tactics by the US,” he wrote after learning of the latest development.

“They destroyed my business. Took all my assets. Time does the rest.”

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