Mobile-ize your Web Site

Analysts say that desktop computers and laptops are on the wane as web-surfing tools. By the year 2015, more Americans will access the Internet on their mobile devices than on traditional desktop computers.

If your business doesn’t have a mobile version of your website, and no plans to get one anytime soon, you might as well start filing those bankruptcy papers now.

It’s estimated that one in five visits to a mobile version of a website results in an immediate customer call to that business. It’s not enough to just figure buyers will pinch and zoom on your standard web page when they access it via their mobile device or smartphone.

That sort of thing is the specialty of DudaMobile, a featured exhibitor at the 2012 ad:tech conference in San Francisco. DudaMobile offers one-click conversion technology that will convert your web page into an optimized mobile version that’s ideal for smartphones and tablets.

The dudes at DudaMobile specialize exclusively in mobile websites. Your website’s conversion to the mobile platform includes not just the click-to-call feature, but also mobile map integration, click-to-text and a sweet suite of mobile analytics.

And yes, they are dudes. The two founders of DudaMobile are both guys, but you’ll be encouraged to know that their company blog is (wo)manned exclusively by lady bloggers.

With the emerging importance of the mobile sector, you don’t want to leave your website’s mobile conversion to any johnny-come-lately slackers. DudaMobile’s platform now powers more than a million websites. You can see a few examples of their incredibly mobile-friendly design on their Facebook page. An array of mobile-friendly templates are available through DudaMobile

Simply put — if your business’ web page needs to go mobile, the DudaMobile model abides.


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