Mushabellies 3D AR Reality Game

Mushabellies AR – Where Fantasy and the Real World Collide

Check out Mushabellies AR a new interactive, augmented reality series made specifically for your iPad or smartphone. Incorporating everyones favorite stuffed pals, the Mushabellies. Mushabellies AR actually turns your real world into a game screen and allows the lovable characters to interact with you, and all your stuff. By simply using the special augmented reality cards and targets, you can let the creatures loose in your room, with your friends or even in the back of the family car during a long road trip.

With hundreds of different game combinations that include launching, flying, kicking and flicking you can play all kinds of games including making up your very own adventures, after you’ launch your Mushabelly, you just tap the screen wherever you’d like him to go, and thats just the beginning, Mushabellies AR allows you to capture a screenshot or video of the action and share it with your friends. You can choose from six different stuffed Mushabelly characters that come with a game passport, character launcher and target marker cards all for under 20 bucks at

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