New Technology Car – Pagani Huayra 2012

Pagani’s Huayra 2012

Maybe because he’s a Zonda owner, or maybe because he’s the boss of one of the most influential car magazines, but Pagani really likes Harry Metcalfe. So much so that they let him inside the factory where they build the new Huayra, the inner sanctum of the factory, with a camera. In the video after the jump Harry takes an inside look at this exquisite hyper car and shows us interesting details about it. You simply cannot get the kind of information Harry Metcalfe gives you in his films anywhere else.

Pagani’s Huayra 2012

The Huayra is full of astonishing details. Even the bits that are going to be painted, even the bits that are hidden away and cannot be seen, are so beautifully crafted from carbon fiber that their carbon weave are perfectly aligned. The car is made with utter care and quality. Pagani also makes some of the safest super cars. Each month we have news about two or three Ferraris burning to a crisp. Same goes for the Lamborghini. But we’ve never heard of a Pagani catching fire, or killing its occupants in a crash.

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Inside Pagani Factory: The Huayra (Video)

Inside Pagani Factory : The Huayra (Video)

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