Poppy Burge, £8,000 worth plastic surgery vouchers on her 8th birthday

Sarah Burge, a UK mother from St Neots, Cambridgshire, has unique plans for her daughter Poppy Burge on her birthday; the 8-year-old receives vouchers worth £8,000; for plastic surgery! A former nurse, Sarah runs a cosmetic surgery clinic she owns and by far; she has spent as much as £250,000 on herself, in terms of cosmetic procedures.

Mother Sarah Poppy Burge


The UK mum just recently revealed that buying her daughter the said £8,000 of vouchers to be spent on cosmetic surgery would be a perfect gift for Poppy when she turns 8 next month. Sarah’s St Neots-based home is known for holding Botox parties among friends and family and next month, there will be a huge birthday party in the garden of the same house.

Meanwhile, Sarah explained that Poppy will be able to using these ­vouchers her mother is collecting when she reaches the age 18 years. Lucky child Poppy will have nearly £120,000 worth of vouchers when she may require using them, further explained Sarah. ‘I am creative,’ ‘I am fun,’ added Sarah and said this is why people are jealous of her success.

Mother of three daughters (other two from different husbands), Sarah and her aluminium dealer hubby plan to throw a lavish and memorable party, costing £25,000. The guests (nearly one hundred) will also find the party memorable; each of them receives £200 party bag, filled with various precious ‘gifts’ as well as a signed photo of birthday girl.

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