Porsche 356 Silver Bullet Hot Rod Photos

Porsche 356 Silver Bullet Hot Rod

Restoring and customizing classic Porsche models is one of the best hobbies in the world. Even Bugatti’s design boss looks at it as a great past time. This custom Porsche here, however, takes that idea to a whole new level. Meet the Porsche 356 “Silver Bullet” hot rod.

Built in Australia in 1992, the Silver Bullet has a heavily modified 356 body on a 914 chassis, with a 911 RS engine. Alright, only Porsche enthusiasts know what we’re on about here, but what that means in plain English is that this car is an amalgam of some of the best classic Porsche bits and bobs. The creator of this machine took a 356 body, elongated it and chopped the roof. All the panels are modified as well for that hot rod look. Under the car you find 17-inch wheels with 934-sourcced brakes. Even the vents are inspired y iconic model, namely the 718 RSK Spyder.

The interior is gloriously spartan, with a wooden Porsche steering wheel, classic 911 dials, aluminum pedals and floor, and a pair of bucket seats. Under the bonnet you find two beautiful Weber carburetors feedin a 3.0 liter 911 RS engine, rated at 279hp. It is mated to a 5-speed gearbox from the 915.

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