Reasons For Anti-Nato Protestors Violation by Chicago Police

The four Chicago cops interrogating the political activism a few men who were stopped for turning into a driveway to turn around. Yes, they were stopped for that. Since these men were later arrested for alleged terrorism in a raid with a warrant not even signed by a judge, this seems like too much of a coincidence. The police suspected right away that these men were about to utilize their free speech rights during the anti-NATO protest in Chicago.

So, it might even be likely that police were following them and waiting for the smallest of pretenses to pull them over and question them about their political activities. Somehow, I don’t think Chicago P.D. commonly stop people for turning around in driveways. Heck, it’s not even a crime or offense, which I could find.

Reasons For Anti-Nato Protestors Violation by Chicago Police

So, like police throughout the country, they use the smallest of reasons to stop someone. The police searched the vehicle, for something that is even less than a traffic offense. Total lack of probable cause. Total violation of the 4th Amendment but I guess when you are a cop, the 4th Amendment is only voluntary.

Indeed, one of Chicago’s finest, tried to see if a covering one’s face charge was still on the books, to charge one of them. He must never have experienced a winter wind in Chicago.

In what shouldn’t be that amazing, Garry F. McCarthy, Superintendent of Police for Chicago, stated that the police were courteous and professional. One of the cops during this stop had said about 1968 Chicago convention protestors, “a Billy club to the f****** head”, implying violence against the protestors during the later NATO rally. I am sure if one of the stopped individuals had said something to the cops like that, they would have already been arrested right away.