Rod Blagojevich, Former Illinois Governor, Sentenced to 14 Year in Prison

Rod Blagojevich

Rod Blagojevich’s breaks his silence after a long time as he heads to the federal prison to serve his 14 year sentence for corruption during the time he held office as the governor of Illinois.

Addressing a crowd of dozens of reporters and many supporters swarming his house Wednesday afternoon, Blagojevich continued to brag about what he had done for the people of Illinois during his term.

“I got bruised and battered and bloodied, but we were able to get those done,” he said, “And I never raised the income tax,” as the crowd continued to chant the same three words, “free out governor”. Some of the supporter also tried to drape Blagojevich and his wife in an American flag

Three years back, the federal agents had caught the two term Illinois governor of trying to sell the senate seat that once belonged to President Barack ObamaBarack Obama in return for political favors and large donations. After months of wire tapping Blagojevich telephones, the former governor was finally arrested on Dec 9, 2008 when the FBI agents showed up on his door step that morning.

The former governor, while convinced that his fight to win freedom is not over, says he’s at loss of words when he thinks about confronting his children about going to the prison. “It’s hard for me to say that I have to go to prison”, Blagojevich said. “We are appealing the case. This is not over. We have faith in the future, faith in the rule of law … I’ll see you again.”

Blagojevich’s long prison term has rendered him ineligible for a prison with less security, ending him up in Englewood, Colorado. However, once he servers 10 or fewer years in this prison, he could effectively qualify to move to a less restrictive one.

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