Ron Paul Wins Again – Editorial

I watched the South Carolina primary unfold last night as many of you did. At home, listening to MSM’s broadcast, but getting all my information on the net.

The Ron Paul Blackout isn’t working as well as the GOP would have hoped. But “Newt won” you say. Well, he won and that gave Ron Paul his win. The delegates Mr. Gingrich won will be free if he later drops out. He took them from Romney who needed them to beat Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul Wins Again

 Yes, the Ron Paul camp is happy today, and Dr. Paul’s speech last night gave new energy and excitement to his exponentially growing Thousands of supporters.

Within minutes the results and his speech were online. Many Paul followers were dismayed at first; until hearing from Dr. Paul that it’s all part of the plan. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint race”, said Ron. And we’re in it for the win!

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