S-x News: Webcam Spyware, UK ISPs vs Filtering, Google’s Instant blacklist

google black list

Google unbanned “bisexual” from Instant but 2600 reminds us it’s nothing compared to everything else still banned; UK ISPs come out against the default “porn” filter and much more.

UK ISPs: No default filter

One year ago this month, the UK government decided it would hold ISP’s responsible for filtering so-called “adult” internet content to appease a Christian charity.

There was no technical or peer scrutiny in filter implementation, and it’s been a continual circus of ideology, censorship and porn hysteria.

UK ISPs have now come out publicly against default internet filtering of adult content, telling a government consultation that proposals to block content are neither necessary nor effective.

Daily Mail under fire for pushing UK internet porn filter agenda

Conservative tabloid Daily Mail is becoming the anti-porn, pro-internet-filter voice for the UK’s religious censors.

Last week, following an official consultation on parental internet controls, an anti-porn petition spearheaded by Conservative MP Claire Perry and popularized by the Daily Mail was marched up Downing Street and thrust into the waiting hands of British Prime Minister David Cameron.

google uncensored

Google unbans “bisexual” from Instant, ignores the clitoris

After a campaign by BiNet USA and bisexuals worldwide, Google has removed “bisexual” from its list of banned words.

Unfortunately, Google still bans over a hundred other terms, some of which are clinical sexual anatomy terms and sexual slang – and names of people (like me).

Why we tape over our laptop cams

Seven rent-to-own companies and a software maker are settling charges with the Federal Trade Commission that rental computers illegally used spyware that took “pictures of children, individuals not fully clothed, and couples engaged in sexual activities.”

Another [insert popular startup name] “for porn” part umptymillionShowing that in truth, porn imitates tech rather than innovates it – there’s now a Pinterest for porn.

Pinsex is a just-launched platform for adult industry professionals and porn fans gathering online to share their favorite erotic content and adult services.

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