Samsung Galaxy S4 – Samsung’s new smartphone launch

Samsung is set to launch the Samsung Galaxy S4. It follows the S3, a handset that has sold more than 40 million units. The Galaxy handsets are seen as the closest competitor to Apple’s iPhone.

Analysts predict software that tracks where users’ eyes are looking and – without the need to touch the device – automatically scrolls down the page as it is read. will be included, as well as a souped-up camera and processor.

Prior to Thursday’s launch in New York, Samsung has unleashed a huge advertising campaign, including a series of videos involving a small boy tasked with looking after a “top secret” box.Like the S3, the S4 is expected to run on Google’s Android operating system – but analysts are predicting some heavy customisation from Samsung in order to give the device a more distinctive feel and, crucially, set it apart from its competitors’ Android-based handsets.

Gartner analyst Roberta Cozza, said :-

“We will see more of a step towards more ‘stickiness’ towards the brand, Already the Galaxy S3 can be seen as an alternative to the iPhone, [but] the integration that Apple offers with iPad is still not matched. Samsung is not there.”

The expectation the S4 will feature eye-tracking capability has been heightened by existing technology in the Galaxy S3 – the phone’s Smart Stay function stops the screen from dimming when somebody is looking at it.

Of the Android crowd, Samsung is streets ahead in market share, making more than 60% of all Android smartphones sold. More than 60% of Google Android-powered smartphones are made by Samsung

With Apple suffering from a dipped share price, and a few recent missteps with product launches, the time is perhaps ripe for Samsung to pile pressure on the iPhone-maker.“It is a important device for them because they have got to a point where they are competing head-to-head with Apple, creating a lot of expectation,” says Gartner’s Ms Cozza.

“All eyes are on this device now.”

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