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Smart Bracelet Protects Aid Workers

Smart Bracelet Protects Aid Workers

A hi-tech bracelet (Natalia Bracelet) could soon be helping civil rights and aid workers at risk of being kidnapped or killed. When triggered, the personal alarm uses phone and sat-nav technology to warn that its wearer is in danger.

Smart Bracelet -  Natalia Bracelet


The bracelets have been developed by the Civil Rights Defenders campaign group in a bid to help workers in war zones and other areas of conflict.

The chunky bracelet has mobile phone technology buried within it that can send prepared messages when the gadget is triggered.

Alerts can be sent manually by a rights worker if they feel under threat or are triggered automatically if the Smart Bracelet is forcefully removed. The alarm sends out information about its owner and where they were when they were attacked. Other staff nearby will also be alerted so they can start to take action to help anyone in distress.

“Most of us, given the chance, would like to help others in danger, These civil rights defenders are risking their lives for others to have the right to vote, or to practise religion or free speech.”  said Civil Rights Defenders’ executive director Robert Hardh.

Those who monitor bracelets can also help bring pressure to bear on governments to find or release people abducted or jailed. In total, 55 bracelets will be given out by the end of 2014.