Sofia Vergara, Says Birthday Bash Was “Amazing”

Sofia Vergara celebrated her 40th birthday with family and friends in Mexico earlier this week.

“I never thought it would be so fantastic to have all my family and closest friends—all the people that I love—to be here in one hotel, in one resort. To be able to travel with them…to go to the town, to be able to party, eat and be in the sun…it was an unbelievable experience for everybody and for me something that I’ll never forget.” 

Meanwhile, Vergara has still said nothing about the ring that is clearly visible on her ring finger in the clip above.

Though it originally looked like the thesp was celebrating not only her milestone birthday, but also an engagement to her boyfriend Nick Loeb, a source told E! News Loeb did pop the question with the ring, but Vergara didn’t say yes.



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