T-Shirt Riddled with Bullets | Cop Under Investigation

Facebook is no place to show your questionable activities. Just a little reminder, too bad Sgt. Pat Shearer, 25 year veteran of the Peoria, Arizona police, didn’t take heed.

[youtube 6IBOY0JLeYM]

Shearer took a photo of a group of teenagers holding up a bullet riddled T-shirt of the President. The photo was posted on Shearer’s Facebook wall. It picture indicates that the group had been hunting and the image of President Obama had been the target.

pat shearer

Secret Service spokesman Max Milien stated that the Secret Service didn’t find the photo funny and were looking into the situation.

Millien said on POLITICO; “Any time information is brought to our attention where an individual or a group of individuals expresses unusual direction of interest in one of our protectors, we conduct appropriate follow up.”

pat shearer

Shearer, stating the photograph was no big deal, said, “It’s not like they (the teens) were going to go out and shoot the president.”


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