Tampa area Strippers – ‘Hands Down’ GOP Are ‘Best Customers’

Tampa – Tampa’s Adult Entertainment Industry has been in over-drive these past few months making ready to cash in when the Grand Old Party comes to town.

“Hands down, the Republicans have always been our best customers,” Angela Spencer of the Association of Club Executives, a national organization for adult nightclubs, told WFAE-FM. “I have heard club owners say, ‘Boy, those Republicans really are great customers.’”

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With an overall infusion to the local economy estimated to be nearly $150 million, Tampa business owners are gearing up to accommodate the massive influx of people expected to converge on Tampa this August, for the RNC Convention.

Strip club owners all across the Tampa Bay area are upgrading their establishments and hiring new staff, in anticipation of the GOP’s promise to boost the economy and create new jobs. Well, at least when it comes to Tampa during the convention.

The Penthouse Club in Tampa credits the convention as one of the main reasons why owner DeWayne Levesque decided to renovate his club. Levesque added new carpet and furniture to the club along with two new VIP sections.

Nightclub owner Joe Redner also believes the convention will be “a good thing” for his business. “It will probably double my business for three or four days, said Redner. “Republicans got plenty of money. They take it all from poor people.”

The owner of the Tampa nightclub Mons Venus believes that many politicians, even Republicans will look to “let loose” in his club during the week long party.

“I got to think that people that gravitate towards power for the sake of power, have their little idiosyncrasies that you know that they don’t want us to know about,” says the infamous club owner.

Redner also says he would be willing to keep the club open 24/7 during the convention, if demand merits it.

The Democratic National Convention is predicted to boost Charlotte’s economy by nearly $160 million–and yes–that includes strip clubs.

There is no illusion here. Members of both parties have often been found guilty of certain indiscretions. However, according to Angela Spencer of the Association of Club Executives, Republicans tend to make better strip club patrons overall.

The 2012 Republican National Convention is set to officially begin August 27 in Tampa, FL with events concluding August 30.

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