Kardashian Kollection Swimwear Ad

The Kardashians sisters are in controversy once again. Now it’s the swimwear thing!

Here’s the Kardashians latest project – a swimwear kollection, that’s actually what it’s called. Don’t you think it’s a bit mean that they’ve made the big one cover up? Kim obviously goes in the middle, while the quite heavily pregnant stand sideways just to demonstrate how airbrushed it is. Of course, there’s always a chance she’s not actually expecting. You never really know with the Kardashians – it’s like Hollyoaks doing the Truman Show.

Meanwhile, Khloe wrote:

“OMG how fab is this new ad for Kardashian Kollection lingerie?!? Nothing makes me feel sexier, plus it’s all so comfy! Killing two birds with one stone! LOL..

The Kardashian representative hasn’t send any words from the criticism as of the moment. It was last week that Kim Kardashian was thrown out a flour by an unidentified woman during the launched of her fragrance line. The Kardashian didn’t sue the woman for the inicident happened.